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SONAN LAE Lighter - Black


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SONAN LAE Lighter - Black


Regular price€5,00 Sale price

It all started with a dream.

SONAN LAE began as a digital mood board for life; a collection of curated images from past, present and future that represent a cosmopolitan life surrounded by contemporary aesthetics.

To some, SONAN LAE is a person; to others it’s a curated mood board; some see SONAN LAE as a brand; others see it as a general “aesthetic.” To a certain extent, none of those answers are wrong. But they are all incomplete. SONAN LAE is—or has been—all of those things. They all have in common that their creative soul contributes to the same mission; to drive Amsterdam's Roaring 20s forward.

When a fire starts to burn, right, and it starts to spread..
She gon' bring that attitude home..
People don't wanna do nothing, what they like..

The official SONAN LAE lighter for you to use in whatever way you choose. Maybe it's for incense, maybe its to help burn trees, maybe you are just the person who shares their lighter in smoking areas.

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